Went out last night , lol.

 Was out on sesh as usual. Met up with work colleagues, was good!

I haven’t even realised but im ill. Everynight I can’t sleep. Cold sweats and a bad throat. Headaches.

On with the night, gave a girl I liked a peck on the cheek. Danced and what not! Got mortal, spent way too much money. Was walking back with the girl I like, she went on a date today and said it went well. I know the bloke, hes a right cunt. Don’t know what she sees in him. So I did confess I liked her. Went to bed alone of course.

Fast forward to today.. just finish work, 9pm. 9:10PM. Message from the girl I like, let’s call her Lucy. “Got you on the guestlist! See you there”. Great. Looks like I’m out again. She surely has me twisted on her little finger.


Peace out – tomorrow im going to see a friend who is very very ill, more so than me! 🙁

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