“You’re too skinny”

As a kid  , I’d never really thought that looks mattered , but growing up , everything changed . Meanwhile I saw my friends growing up , I wondered why haven’t i gone through the same changes as they were ? . Once I started fifth grade , my friends (girls) had already gone through puberty, and I was still the same. As I entered to middle school , things changed. I never thought I was different from other girls , until I saw a girl getting bullied by their physical appearance , which bothered me. I stood up for her , and told the guys to stop , but they said something that till now , it stills hurts me. They made fun of how my body was because I didn’t have any breast , they called me flat. I went home crying , I never hated my body , but that day I wished I didn’t have the body I had. High-school came and things got worst , people started calling names because of my body, I got use to it and acted as if I didn’t care , but it was killing me inside. I never thought I could get a boyfriend since I knew i wasn’t enough for guys. I was wondering why girls wanted to loose weight , I wish i was in their body so I wont be make fun of, later I realized that no matter what size you are , people still talk. Once a junior in high school , I realized that I had to love myself no matter what and not liking my body was selfish since people dont have what I have in life. Its heartbreaking listening to people insulting me. My parents though , the ones who I thought would love me more then anything , told me to gain weight since Im too skinny .I didnt care for what boys in school said , but hearing that from my own parents really hurt me. I dont think anybody should change the way they think about themselves because the other person calls you names. In society , the perfect women is “skinny” with a perfect body , like in magazines; this also makes me feel bad because I think that because I dont look like those girls , i should change. 

Nobody has to go through what I am going through , but unfortunately , people still judge me.. I wish i was a thick person with a nice body , but I wouldn’t be the same person.

Some people think that because someone is skinny , they have no problems , but then people start asking ” why are you so skinny ” “eat more” “flat”, which is really depressing. 

We should feel comfortable in our own skin , color , size .

But at times , I wonder why am I being called that way ?


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