Went to get a slice of pizza from a bakery nearby first thing in the morning. For some reason on my way home I was thinking about how much I loved the seaside. Came home, started to make lunch. Did a great eye look. I was so proud of myself. Grandpa came round for lunch and gave us some pocket money.

Around half past 3, we were about to head to this lake. We were just about to get going when Mum scratched the car. That pissed Dad so much that he decided to stay home. When we got to the lake, there were some people walking down the shore. A lot of them had kids. The lake was frozen in some parts. We saw swans. They are so beautiful. Also, scary. I got bitten by one when I was about 4. Mum seemed stressed out throughout the whole walk. At one point she asked, “Am I really that fat and ugly as your Dad says I am?”. That made me a bit worried, but when I think about it now, it makes my heart sink. He was rude to her but that’s only because she had scratched our new car. And besides, neither of them is exactly an angel. When we were back in the city, we went to this p√Ętisserie. We had some cakes and also had them pack some for Dad. That was Mum’s idea. She thought it would make him feel better and serve as an apology.

When I got home, I took a bath. Soon after, Grandma came round. She said that she felt sort of lost and that she had been having a lot of dreams. We talked with her, but it was mostly about my acne. We always talk about my acne. Helped my sister study English for her test. Watched a few videos. Went to bed.

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