A Lovely Sunday With You~

Today was a beautiful, warm, sun shiny day.
It’s in the middle of February, but for some reason, the weather was so warm, it was as if it were the beginning of Spring. It was a lovely Spring Sunday we spent together.

We started the day together by eating late breakfast in the car. We ate purple yam(고그마), grapes, and left over pizza from last night. No matter where we eat and what we eat, together, we eat so enthusiastically. (I predict, 7 Years into our marriage, I will gain 7 lbs by how food is so delicious when shared with each other)~~

At Church, we praised God together in the praise team.
John sang beautifully, and I played the violin. Us two, side by side.
What a blessing! Us praising God together, us sitting and reading the Bible together, focusing together on the sermon.
The sermon was about nailing our sins on the Cross, giving up our sins to Jesus. Thank you God for the message!

After service ended, we took some pictures together outside in the lovely weather. Some church members saw us and offered to take our picture with comments such as, “When’s the wedding”? ;D ;D. It was cute.
Here are some pictures of us on this lovely day:


We drove to Galbi Maul, and had 버섯 dolpan. As always, we were so full after we (and especially John), cleaned up all the plates.
Thank you John, for being so enthusiastic. Not just an enthusiastic eater, but a enthusiastic Complementer and Encourager. I love you~~

At around 4, I had to go back home. At this time I know our hearts are like this :(. And I wish our “byes” are able to reach us both and give a warm, assuring hug.
But the joy I have that we will meet each other again soon has my heart smiling like this :).

Soon. The only time we will separate is when one of us has to go to the bathroom.

But even now, our companionship is everlasting <3.

I Love you, Booboo. Thanks for being a part of such a lovely day.


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  1. Boho’ comment: my boo boo, I love your writing~ you should be a journalist 🙂 내 사랑아. Even though.. sometimes I feel alone just because the fact that I am a foreigner here in this country, even though because you are with me, I am all good 😉 let’s watch spirited away now <3

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