All of the lights, i want to hang my self.

Extra bright I want y’all to see this.One song is all it takes when I’m drunk to hear this.

I’ve drank more in a month than I have in 6 years.


That song, All of the Lights, a song me and my ex shared.. It’s literally tipping me over the edge. I hate my life. Constantly drunk to escape the reality of living me life without her..T trying to fill new experiences and it means nothing. Fucking hell just let me go will you. Let me die in my sleep. Too much. Too much for me. Im done.

3 thoughts on “All of the lights, i want to hang my self.”

  1. Hello, I am sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my dad when I was 11 and I know how it feels not wanting leave anymore. But don’t hate your life and I am sure your wife wouldn’t want the for you. Try to be happy she didn’t leave you, she is always with you. Be strong and I know it’s easy to say but it was hard for me too but you have God who loves you very much. And who is watching you and he will be there for you everyday.

  2. I know how it feels like to lose someone, all you want to do is scream, and on the inside that’s all your doing, you feel like your drowning and there’s nothing you can do to make it better, they are gone, it feels like nothing will ever be the same again. and it wont be but … it gets easier to live with it, you find a way. you find a reason no matter how small to get up in the morning. and soon that becomes easier. you may feel like you want to be with them right now. but that’s not what they want for you. if the world lost you it would lose apart of a lot of other people to. there would be a lot more people feeling like you do right now about you. so you live for the people that love you. breathe for them. you will laugh again. you will smile again. and in time when your ready you will love again. there is and endless amount of love you can give. and you never have to stop loving anyone either and most of all you will never forget. not ever. you will be ok.

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