Coding all day and finally got Autosave feature up!

Woke up around 9 AM. Suppose to go snowboarding but that plan got cancelled. Instead, I came to Dosung’s place and spent all day coding for the Autosave feature and I just pushed it to the live site!! Yes, I’m testing and writing journals at the same time. I just intentionally closed the web browser and logged back in to see if my journal is saved or not and saw it did! It’s working great so far! Still got so many other things to improve but I need some break now for the rest of the day. I got here around 11 AM then been coding till now at 7:28 PM except for the time for food and coffee. I want to spend more time on this site now on and actually make myself proud of myself creating this site. So many more things to do. Just from the top of my head: 

  • Download all my journal feature
  • Dynamic URL on ajax pagination
  • Email marketing 

I know I’m forgetting some important stuffs but this is a good start. Also still looking around and trying new technologies that can actually migrate to but this will take some time. Hopefully I get that point soon tho. Anyways, I’m just so glad that it’s finally up and hoping to have no issues. This really took awhile to get implemented tho lol. Gotta do more work!

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