Confusion at its finest.

    You know i never asked for this type of life. All i wanted was a family of my own a it didnt matter if we were screwed or not as long as we were a family. When you fight in a relationship or years and you finally wake up and realize that you have been fighting for nothing that the person you loved nconditionally only loved you with conditions that feeling is the worst but its not the end of your life i guess that is where i am now. It makes it even that much harder when you have kids involved and you are responsible for these little people and their welfare and you seem to be the only one giving a fuck about the situation. like i said i didnt ask for this. my story is of confusion and betral disgust and love sounds crazy huh oh wait dont forget the hot steamy parts yea right..

Day 1 

   I need to talk to you. lets nickname him jimbob. so jimbob tells me that he needs to talk to me. He comes in from work and tells me that he needs to talk to me okok he sitting down on the sofa and in my head im thinking oh lord what is it now lol typical man thought btu this was in my head so i guess we both think the same way sometimes. i told him hold on let me hook the baby up to his breathing machine. so i come in and he tells me that he got approved for a apt and that he is moving out. ummm in my head im like wtf idiot we just moved in here we just had a baby and have 3 more upstairs. what kind of man comes up with that type of bullshit. well fast forward he moved out now listen to this we used to stay in a nice neighborhood well he wanted to move because it would be cheaper so we moved to a not so nice neighborhood then he moves out and moves back to the nice neighborhood. gotta go ill be back later

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