Day 19 – 30 Days of Discipline

What a great day!  There was so much great in my world today I can’t stop smiling 😊  I woke up feeling happy and relaxed, even though it was gloomy and windy, my mind felt good.  

I had the best yoga practice today too. Brenna took some extra time with me and put me in a tortoise pose…..holy crap!  I wanted to try the pose, but I couldn’t remember which way she said to place my hands so I decided to not try (position is important so you don’t injure).  Then Brenna was there and helping me and moving me into the position and bam, I was sprawled out as a tortoise.  Biggest smile ever in yoga class!

This excitement was followed only by another great part of my day, writing and sending my bio to Cheryl to introduce me to her clients. I will be helping her now; clean recipes and update Pinterest boards as well as the posts I’m already doing.  I’m so happy and proud  to be with Cheryl, and ever grateful for the opportunities she is sharing with me.  She is one of the most amazing people in my life. 

And then…..I know, how much more can there be?  Well….I won!!  Pure Living pulled my name as one of their newly formed “yogi ninja mob squad”. The group of us are going to represent the yoga studio and attend fitness classes at other locations, supporting the community and promoting Pure Living.  So excited to be with them!  How much fun we will have.

I got to hang out with Jenna for dinner and we had a great visit.  The day ended as perfect as it started.  Does it get any better that this?!!

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