Day 357 – Not actually a year

Saturday, February 18th 2017

Okay something ain’t right. It can’t be a year… Again.

I started the 25th, not 18th. I did some more mistakes… I saw that I wrote Day 37 twice for example.

Now I have go back AND CHANGE ALL OF THEM. I’m on my phone and I don’t wanna do this here, since it’ll take an eternity. So pretend it’s day 347 (somewhere there) until the title changes. So Megg, you told me it shouldn’t be day 365 yet when we first met, because of the error I did, but you failed to tell me this time, haha. But you did mention something about missing entries once… This is probably why.

Anyway, I was going to make this long, loving entry about people I met on here, and my experiences, but guess that will have to wait and this entry will be a normal one as usual, excluding the not being a year thing.

I finished reading Part II of 1984. Really good. It also left us on a cliffhanger, so excited to keep reading Tuesday. I can continue now, but I have other work to do.

I went to my cousin’s for lunch, since it was her birthday. She also has glasses now. Everyone is getting glasses in my family now… And you get a pair! And you get a pair!

We ate hotdogs, talked (I stayed around the adults, because she had friends over), and played with the dogs. One of them is a little puppy that’s really scared of people, but she licked my finger and my dad’s once, which was really cute.

At home I was suddenly exhausted. I decided to just watch YouTube for a while before eating Chinese for supper, sending Megg’s gift and receiving his. He programmed something to allow me to save entries along with comments from this website. So after I fix all the “Day X” titles, I’ll be doing that. I’m happy he made more effort so it allows me to save comments.

I’ve continued reading some of my old fanfiction and cringed badly at the ones based off a band I was obsessed with for a few months. The ones in fantasy universes are actually really good, since they’re usually not based solely on romance and more about drama and understanding how I would be in that universe, or what role of character I created plays in it. When it involves a real life world… No thanks. I’ll stick to swords that can slice anything and magic. Oh, speaking about swords that can slice anything, one of the owners sent me a humble bundle for Star Wars with a ton of games. Gonna be getting that. I also have to pick some games out of the list Megg gave me.

I’m gonna go to bed and just… Fix everything tomorrow. Ugh. Now one year feels so much longer, cause I keep accidentally thinking I reached it, haha.

That’s all for today.

2 thoughts on “Day 357 – Not actually a year”

  1. It looks like you have two entries for: Day 2, Day 14, Day 37, Day 225
    It looks like you are missing entries for: Day 77, Day 82, Day 156, Day 157, Day 158, Day 159, Day 160, Day 161, Day 162, Day 163, Day 164, Day 165

    You should be at Day 349. I told you there was something else off with your entries, but you told me you had everything right 😛

    Good thing you caught it before the real Day 365 though!

  2. Also you have 4 undated entries:
    Pourquoi (Day 26.5)
    My Cat Might Be Dying (Day 73.5)
    My Cat Might Be Dying Update (Day 77.5)
    My Cat is Dead (Day 82.5)

    So you may actually be at Day 345? Today’s entry should be Day 346?

    It is kind of difficult to go through and look for everything wrong, so I’ll compile an excel file listing all of your entries.

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