I’m tired.  Let me explain what I have found out.  I exude so much energy at work to do my job that I come home take a shower, eat and go to bed.  It has been nice because the latest I have been working has been 4pm.  So I am in bed by 5 pm.  Yes folks 5pm that’s in the afternoon.  I quickly check the computer, maybe read a chapter of a book and am sleeping shortly after that.  Well now my work schedule has been changed and I will be at work until 5pm and sometimes even 6pm.  My dear work people YES this WILL make a huge difference to me and it will be negative I have no doubt.  I had this weekend off and I was done working at 3pm on Friday.  So my Friday routine was the same and my Saturday was spent in bed.  Beautiful day and all but I was in bed.  Sunday the husband asked if I wanted to go out and so we stopped at a local flea market where we walked 3 aisles and then went out to breakfast.  After that we stopped at the mall where I went in the door of Penney’s, went down the escalator, walked around ONE time through the clothes (I was looking for a spring jacket and found none) went back up the escalator walked out the door and could  barely get back in the jeep.  He wanted me to go to other stores but I just couldn’t.  I told him to take me home where I took a shower and crawled in bed and fell asleep.  So why I asked myself.  A little research and this is what I found.  While chemo hopefully is killing cancer cells it is also destroying good cells at the same time.  Now these destroyed cells have to rebuild themselves and so they take everything extra energy-wise that you have to give and utilize it to aid in this  rebuilding process.  Thus the result is extreme fatigue, tiredness and complete exhaustion.   And so folks I just don’t know how this new work schedule is going to work.   A little further research is showing I may have some rights here so we will see what happens.  

Next chemo is the last day of the month and after that the doctor wants to do another scan to see what is going on.  $$$.  And yes I am now starting all over with the insurance aspect of this.  In other words what I have to pay out of pocket.  So far I got a doctor bill that I paid and a big bill for the echo.  Well I called the hospital to set up payments.  I have to reach $6850 before insurance will pay in full.  So my plan this year is to pay smaller bills of $100 or less and those bigger bills will go into payments.  We will see how that works.  It all comes out the same anyway.  Enjoy the blue sky all.

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