Today I finished The Catcher in the Rye. I need a new Adrian Mole book ASAP. I called a bookshop in London this evening. They literally hung up on me without saying hello. Why? Why?

The afternoon I went to a class in this language school to see if I like the group and the way they learn French in order to see if I wanted to join the group later on. It was alright. Apart from me, there were only two more students in class today. A girl who kept saying “phrase” wearing no makeup with great eyebrows and a guy who was completely lost and kept making weird noises. Anyway, they’re taking their DELF in May. I have already taken mine so Mum and I figured it would be better if I joined the group in autumn, when they are working with books providing grammar and vocabulary you need for DELF A2.

Tomorrow I have my county competition.

I don’t really feel inspired to write.

My psychologist told me about a month ago that she would let me know when she’s available for our next session by the beginning of February. I still haven’t gotten any emails or calls. Is she dead? Or has she already sent me an email and I somehow missed it?

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