Day 1 – Introduction

Day 1

Hi, my name is Shania. I am a sixteen year old girl who is trying to find peace in her family :). It is kinda hard in my family to have your own word, sharing your own opinion/ ideas. I know that I am still 16 and I have to be respectful towards my parents bla bla bla. My family and I have been every close to each other, we’ve spend 16 years together and I would say we spend too much time together that is why we get into silly fights. I have a father, a mother and a little brother well i would not say he’s that little but he will be 15 in 5 days but still has a mind of a baby. So here is what i actually feel like living with them ; I’m a typical 16 year old girl, the basic one, who loves shopping and spoiled one but sometimes I feel like no one understands me and I am just alone vs the whole world but it’s okay, it happens to feel lonely. I mean, YES, I spend time with my family but I just can’t stand the fact that every time, I do or say something stupid, my family members will turn against me like I am just a PIECE OF SHIT *which i admit i am* My dad , man I LOVE THIS MAN, he does everything for the family and so does my mother but my father, I guess I can he is more like me or I am more like him, we’ve been through so much shit maybe not together but we’ve been through some. He is always by my mother’s side, whenever she gets angry at both of us (my brother and I), he is always trying to bring peace in the family, which we know that we cannot stand a day without fighting each other.My mother and I kinda have a complicated relationship and I am not going to blame her for that, PART of me admits it that it is my fault that we cannot understand each other, IDK WHY, but we just cannot go through a day without her doing some moral SHIT and screaming.I mean yes sometimes she is chill but everytime I say something like a hella stupid thing, SHE WILL GET SUPER MAD AND START TALKING ABOUT MORAL VALUES *which I hate with a passion* and sometimes I feel like she loves my brother more than she loves me and I get so mad when I see it.The last but NOT least, my brother, so he is the worst but I love him, he always fights me and I fight him back which results in my parents fighting us both cause they hate seeing us punching each other and screaming at each other but that is how him and me express our love through FRIENDSHIP PUNCHES AND SCREAMS but sometimes he gets too angry and will actually hurt me and this is when SHIT GOES DOWN for REAL.

I guess this is the little introduction on my family and how crazy we are.

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