Day 358 – Kohai’s house and promotion

Sunday, February 19th 2017

Today was fun.

I did a Bible study, since I had to do quite a bit of work at home. I read some things about speech and being careful of what we say, then did some English homework for a couple of hours.

I ate lunch then went over to Kohai’s house. We played Mario Kart, raged and I sang the soundtrack through frightening noises, haha. We talked and I also made her take a personality quiz for which Fantastic Beasts character she is. She got Newt. We’re all pretty alike, so I’m not surprised.

We also ate chocolate fondue, with strawberries, bananas, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. It was sooo good.

At home I ate, did a bit of moderating for the server, since the owners pointed out a couple of new players, and I banned them after they stole from a base and then tried to again. I was also promoted to super admin, so I’m really happy! I still want to spend some days taking care of the server so they can relax anyway. Speaking about promotions, another one got promoted to mod, so congrats to her.

I donated for the server, so that Kohai and I could save our Pokemon. I also got the humble bundle and have 14 Star Wars games now that I’ll be playing with my dad tomorrow.

I spent 1-2 hours just renaming all my entries so they are the correct days. Day 37 to now. Ugh. I’m glad that’s done with. I’m gonna be extra careful from now on. It’ll be one year not on the 25th, but 26th.

I talked a bit with one of the moderators, not the one previously mentioned, but the author. He wanted to see my entries since he had nothing to read. I shared it with him privately and we went into a few different discussions.

I’m now playing cards against humanity with people from the server. Gonna go back to that.

That’s all for today.

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