Sooo, this saturday I was in the big city (about 1 hour away) I rarely go there since I usually don’t have any business there anyways. 

I went there to go to something called “Desucon”, its like a place were everyone with interessts of movie fandoms, comics, japanese stuff and so on. Also almost everyone was cosplaying. It was actually my first time attending one of those things ever.

When we first got to the city, both me and my two friends were really confused because we had nooo idea where to go. My two friends were really unfocused, and were paying attention to everything else exept for finding the place. I on the other hand, was not thinking about anything exept for the instructions, had to hurry since we already missed the opening show. But hey, we got there in the end.

When I first got there, I was honestly really anxious and nervous. I had been looking forward to it, but anxiety and my introverted high anxiety started kicking in. Everyone was wearing awesome costumes and they all looked so cool, I honestly started feeling so lame. Even tho I was feeling really badly, I decided I wouldnt let anxiety ruin the day, and I just went out of the bathroom and started. We went to the place were theres alot of shops/ things to buy. I figured, focusing on shopping made completely forget that I’m surrounded by a bunch of awesome strangers (that make me look like a potato next to them). 

But hey, I had fun. The show, the people on the stage/ the stuff happing on stage sure was fun to watch. And I ended up buying skeleton hair clips, some reaallyyy awesome holo steambunk? kind of glasses, a smiley mask and 3 different posters of anime and kpop. We also ate close to the end, something they called “Yoda noodles”, not the best I’ve tasted but hey, I was realllyyyy hungry so I didnt complain. 

Atleast now I can say I’ve been to one. Next one is in the summer, and then its going to be bigger with alot more people im sure. And then I will cosplay, and I will look hella good. 

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