King B’s shoot interview pt.1


King B Shoot Interview
Interviewer: Hello King B how are you doing today?
Beam/King B: perfect as always watta bout u?
Interviewer: That’s good! and I’m doing perfect also. Now I’ve got a got a question for u how have u discovered ucw. And what was it like when u first came?
Beam/King B: Well I remember being a noob at the time lol and at that time I would just love scouring Roblox for wrestling places and every time I looked through theplaces I always saw “rrw” arenas so eventually I ended up going to the “rrw” arena and nobody was there so all I saw was a ring and a titantron with schedules all over it for the two shows at the time I think it was chaos and takedown was probably still called takedown at the time so I ended up looking for the creator of the game peanutman247(kandop) and he was making a movie with my soon to be friend rain. So I asked peanut if I could join rrw and he said yeah and he started making me act with rain to finish up the movie. and then later on that week I finally caught a show I was sporting an Adidas hoodie with some joggers  and wearing a camo roblox cap with midnight shades and had that 35 robux smile yeah looking real noobish at the time. when I actually first came to rrw I only did 2 shows in that was nothing but battle royals and oh yeah I was big b at the time so I would be sized XD but yeah the only reason I did two shows at first was because being the noob that I am I got mad at peanut cause he didn’t team me backstage with everyone else but I didn’t join the group at the time and I didn’t understand what he meant so I got mad and told peanut I “quit”.  I eventually came back in a few months following a friend and I got a warm welcome back from peanut that I did not expect cause I thought he wouldn’t remember me. XD
pt.1 of interview

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