Lost and Confused

My dad just got out of surgery…he went to hospital this am bc of pain and the results was that had gangrene in his intestines caused by a hernia that had squeezed his intenstines and more or less was ruptured…caused bowel movement to end up in his body. Also has liquid around his heart and he is obese but they got the gangrene out and conected them back together. Doctor came in just now and asked him what going happen. Blunt too…he’s not optomistic and informed us that soon we will have make choice bout everything. He going be on ventalator to help breathe but even then not looking good. My hubby here and is staying by my side but even tho my sister isnt crying i dont know whether should comfort her or not. She older but looks more defeated than i feel and thats a lot. Please keep us in ur prayers.

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