My Sunday: Coding all day again

12:48 AM right now. I just pushed a new feature to the production site that I worked on all day today. Nikita helped me a lot on this back up journals feature and I finally got it up after spending almost 4 more hours to make this work. It’s still now perfect but will do the job that people need. Feel tired as hell lol but also fell very productive! So glad to see this feature up that I wanted to have it from the very beginning of this site. Still need to test and see how it will work tho.

Didn’t do much beside coding. Got up around 11 AM then headed out for brunch with Nikita. We ended up at the Korean-Chinese place in K-town then drove to the Coffee bean to code. Started coding around 3 or 4? then left there at 8 PM when they close. I was little frustrated for leaving there without getting this done but it’s all good now. It’s almost 1 AM again. I have been sleeping pretty late lately. Gotta go to sleep soon. Will test the backup my journal feature then go to bed. Goodnight all.

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