Not alone!

(No, my hair is not blue, its pink. Just me experimenting with editing)


I’ve figured I should give people a chance more often. I have this bad habit of pushing people away and just feel bad for myself. I honestly just dont want to be that one girl that her friends only hang out with because they pity her. At first I thought that was the case with the people I usually hang out with at school now. Both of the previous people I used to hang out with alot, either got a new friend group or like the other one, got a boyfriend. Because of that I always walked around alone, and didn’t feel welcome with any other people. 

THOUGH THATS NOT THE CASE. I’ve ended up coming really close with my childhood bestfriend again and two others Im close with. And well, Its really nice knowing that someone is waiting for you when the bell rings. Im very glad I don’t have to be that one girl that has to run around school to look for people anymore. Lets just hope it lasts until summer. After summer I’m beginning at another school then them, but thats ok. Whats important now is getting through this school year. 

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