Online Dating

Online dating is something I don’t have personal experience with as I’ve never created an online dating profile- not even Tinder! I guess I have always been a little skeptical when it comes to profiles like this because I’ve seen how terribly wrong they can go. For example, I’ve seen countless episodes of the show Catfish, where people create fake profiles to make themselves look better or pretend to be someone else completely.

However, after reading the articles we were assigned on the topic, I actually learned a lot more about online dating profiles and realized they were a lot more common than I initially thought! In fact, the Pew article even stated that 38% of single people are looking for a partner have used an online dating profile!

And not only are online dating sites becoming more common and familiar to people, but they’ve also been receiving more acceptance by others. I guess I could say this is true for me, especially since reading these articles and learning about all of the successes people have had with these online relationships. Similarly, one of my roommates just recently met a guy on Tinder who she’s been on multiple dates with now and things seem to be getting pretty serious, which has really helped me become more accepting of online relationships.

Likewise, the Pew article also states that two-thirds of online daters have set up a date through this site. I was actually shocked by this because when I watch shows like Catfish, these couples have been dating for years and have never once met in real life! So hearing this statistic has definitely added to my decrease in skepticism.

Additionally, many people believe that online dating is beginning to take over the “dating game” and becoming a replacement to other forms of dating, like randomly meeting someone at a bar, public park, work, class, etc. And I think this adds a lot of negativity to the topic because people fear that people are beginning to become more isolated and afraid of meeting someone in public. However, the Oxford article showed that online dating is actually still one of the least common ways to meet someone.

Overall, I really enjoyed learning more about the popularity of online dating and how its beginning to become a more accepted form of dating. I was initially a little skeptical about the topic just because both my friends as well as the media have only exposed me to negative stories. However, after reading these articles I’ve realized that they are actually a lot more common than I once thought and they lead to a lot more relationships than I originally believed.

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