I joined this new group on Facebook. I won’t give their name out. They go on websites looking for pedophiles and try to get them to meet them. Then expose them. They record  their meeting then post their photo,video and texts they had with this person.  I think what their doing is a good thing. When my sister and I were little my parents lost custody of us because someone said they were unfit to take care of us. Which is ridiculous because they took care of us fine. They might of not had alot of money but they gave us a home and food on the table. Anyways we were sent to a foster home with an older couple.  I don’t know when it started. I was too young to remember. We found out he done the same to other children. They even found pictures of naked children buried under his shed. The police took us to the station and spoke with us and my sister told them what happened. He was placed in jail where he died a few years ago. He never touched me. His wife always took me shopping leaving my sister behind. We both had to go through counseling for a while. 


When I was about 12 or 13 I started staying at my dad’s older cousin’s house on weekends. His wife and him had no children. I spent most the time with him because his wife worked. I did this for like a year until one day he was sitting in the kitchen and I walked in and he pulled me onto his lap. He stuck his hand down my pants. I tried to get away but he had a grip. I cried. Finally he let go and I ran to the bedroom. I just cried. He took me home the next day. I never said anything to anyone. I figured who would believe me.  When it was time to go again I went with my sister to a friend’s for the weekend. My mom called and said he wanted me to come to his house. I told her I didn’t want to go. She said he was calling for me. I cried to my sister that I didn’t want to go. She asked mom if I could stay and she said yes. When I got home mom just asked why I didn’t want to go and I said I wanted to be with my friends. She said alright no questions asked. I never went again. I finally told my parents 2 years ago. They were shocked. My dad told me I should of told him. He would believed me because the guy was sleeping with his own aunt. Sicko. I went to his grave a few times alone and just told him how I feel. How I hate him. I wanted to stomp on his grave. No kid should go through anything like that. Luckily it only happened once with me. If my parents forced me to go who knows what could of happened. It could of continued. Some kids go through it practically their whole lives. I’m not sure what exactly happened with my sister and I don’t intend to ask her. I don’t  I think want to bring up memories she rather forget. She moved on. What this group is doing is a good thing. They are exposing these creeps,some were even arrested. They recommend nobody do it themselves.  They caught a guy two towns away from me. I read comments in the group how people want to approach him or tell his family and they asked everyone to not. To let them and police take care of it. I agree. Never approach a pedophile. Not only is it dangerous but it can be a harassment and could find yourself in some trouble.  I support these guys 100%. They are saving and protecting our children from these creeps. Our children need to know not everyone you talk to online is who they say they are it can be dangerous.  I watch a show on tv called Web of lies. It shows how dangerous it is meeting people online. Not only kids also adults. There is sick people in this world. They say it’s a disease.  Well then they should be placed in a facility for help. Not walking the streets.One time this kid he was around maybe 18-20 years old. We were at a festival in the park. He started talking with us. Before we know it he was following us. He started getting weird. He raised his hand like he was gonna slap my ass. I told him straight out. If you want to keep that arm I suggest he keep his hands to himself. Our children need to defend themselves. My father taught all us girls to defend ourselves. He taught us to fight and taught us to shoot a gun. My brother in law told me one time. If someone breaks into your house and tried to harm you. Shoot them. If their on your porch,shoot him then drag their ass in. I find that kinda funny. Anyways everyone be safe when meeting someone online. Always meet in a crowded place. Never meet in a secluded spot. God Bless!

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