Sleepy Time

It’s 2 am. I got home from work not that long ago. I was immediately welcomed home by Andy & Tyrion. I realize this doesn’t sound like a momentous thing, but since we got the puppy we haven’t seen Andy.

All day yesterday and well into the night Andy hid underneath my bed, a terrified wreck. I was able to get him into bed at some point and he stayed half hidden under one of my pillows until morning. Today my room became the make shift “safe room” for the cats (mainly Andy). I had to constantly prove to him that the dog was not coming in nor out of the room. For 24 hours Andy had not drank water, used his box, and ate anything other than the treats I kept chucking at him.

When I went to work this evening, The Man left my bedroom open. I guess Andy finally realized this strange house guest will not be leaving… so Andy finally ventured out to eat a real meal and use his box. I’m told he thruroughly sniffed everything Rascal has ever touched.

By the time I returned home, Andy had regained much of his composure. I can tell just by the way he greated me. Since my arrival I took the dog out for a midnight bathroom trip and now he is on my bed curled up with The Man. Andy keeps creeping up my side of the bed to check out the dog. Every time he does, I give him a treat. 

So if you’ve ever deciding on getting a new pet – just know what you are getting yourself into. I almost feel like we’ve got a newborn baby in the house again!

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