I got a 77% on the competition. I think that’s an okay result considering that the top score was 86%. The competition and all things related to the ceremony, so to call it, took away most of my day.

I got home at around 3. Mum made some rice with leeks and pork. Shortly after that she started crying. Then I talked to her and then she said, sort of, that she feels exhausted and that she can’t take being “fucked around with and insulted” at work. I got worried. She said she was embarrassed for asking so many people for help and not having solved the problem yet. I felt so sorry for her. When she went out with my aunt, my Dad told me not to get involved. He told me that Mum’s biggest issue was her ego and her need to be in control and to be in charge, to be the best at everything. He told me that she manipulated me and things like that. I was crying the whole time. I felt sorry for my Dad too. She really drains his energy. The whole thing is just one big mess that can’t really be fixed and it sometimes just floats to the surface, just like a turd would. Other than that, we’re fine.

Went to look for those goddamn books yet again. Left some offers open in the browser for my Dad to see.
Mum called this beauty salon to set an appointment for my facial. They said they would let us know tomorrow.

Made myself some salad. Wasted time on my phone, washed my face, brushed my teeth and went to bed.

I’ve been liking Always on My Mind by The Pet Shop Boys. I don’t know why I had the need to say that. I find myself going through the day, talking to people, facing new challenges life throws at me (such as keeping myself alert during Chemistry class) and thinking about what I’m going to put in my diary. If I were to put everything in, my entries would be never-ending.

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