I never thought of God as a superhuman figure until I read the definition of religion on module 7. The google definition of religion is “Religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods” I think that this definition is somewhat of a simple and easier to understand kind of definition. There isn’t any other way to define who or what God really is. He is a superhuman figure, a spiritual image that nobody really has physical evidence of his existence how can we really define something or someone that has never been seen or touched. Also, how is it possible that we believe and/or worship someone that we call God, I feel like we believe in the idea of the spirit, the spirit that we think that exists. Even though many people believe in God, he has so much power over people without physically being there to actually tell them what to do. I find it so ironic how people look up to the sky and say a prayer, or point up to the sky and say that he is watching us from the clouds, no one has seen him in the say looking down on us, no one has heard him from above giving us his advice or thanking us for praying to him or telling us that he forgives us for our sins. I have yet to see any proof that he actually exists.

There are many religions in this world, to name a few there is, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. Hinduism I find quite interesting, it is made up of many traditions and laws. The Ashramas, Caste, and Dharma are some of the elements that are common in Hinduism that they tend to follow. The Ashramas are stages of life that characterize its behaviors and their morals; the stages are students, householders, retirees and ascetics. The student stage focuses on education and celibacy, to learn about doing the right thing in life such as not drinking or not having sex until marriage is the correct way of living. Householders is based on being married, being responsible to educate their children and raise them. For retirees, well they become retirees once they become grandparents. Ascetics choose to devote their lives to religion by giving up all their money and possessions.
Caste is based on having different kinds of groups in society where they assign their people to those groups when they are born. The groups are Brahmin, Kshatriva, Vaishya, and shudra. Brahmin is the highest group in this division and it isbased on people solely focusing on education and religion, Kshatriva, focuses on law and military, and organizations, Vaishya, is based on business or cultivation of foods such as farming, and Shadura is the lowest class where the people focuses on manual labor. Dharma, is a law based on expected behavior, Dharma has expectations on how their people should be acting, also have rituals to follow in order to keep the natural order of life in the right path.
Christianity is pretty similar to the religion Catholicism. They are both based on bible, where it tells the story of Jesus and everyone around him, they tell us he died to save humanity. Therefore, it is based on rules and duty. If people do not follow the rules of Christianity, they will go to hell. That is what they make you believe, they make you believe that if we do not abide to their laws we will not be going to heaven, and it makes us sinners, which is a negative thing in Christ’s eyes. In Christianity, God is made up of three different persons, the father, the son, and the holy spirit, even though he is made up of three persons he is still considered as one person, one God.
Islam is based on Muslims submitting their lives entirely to Allah (God), they must follow the holy texts and the various prophets accepted in Islam. In Muslims eyes, Allah has created everything, therefore he is the ruler of everything. The most important prophet is Muhammad, they have any prophets including Jesus, but they do not believe in him as a God only as a prophet.

Christianity and Islam are pretty similar, they both have a God that they worship and they both have books and testaments that they follow. They also have rules that makes sure that the believers do not sin or get off the right path of guidance, or in other words sin. I think that Christianity and islam set codes of behavior for their people so that once a rule is set, those who are truly devoted to their religion have to follow their rules in order to be considered holy people. The rules that they enforce on people, in time they start to become principles, it becomes their way of life, they base their behavior and ethical thinking based on those rules because that is what they think is right to do. It affects their daily lives decisions because outside of the church certain situations may seem logically ethical but one you start to really think about making your decisions, the church’s rules come into play, they have the upper hand on basing your decisions in life because you want to stay out committing any sins.
The relationship between religion and ethics is that they are both based on moral, logic, and critical thinking. They both set their own standards or rules about what is right and what is wrong because every religion and every tradition are ethically similar on doing what they think is right. The difference is that in a religion there is a right and there is a wrong, no exceptions, that’s what they tell what wrong looks like so you must not do that. People that are not religious have to brainstorm, well some do, some just base their decisions based off instinct no matter how sticky the situation is.

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