Day 2 – Tv Shows

So today, I got back home from school and got on the couch as usual watching netflix with tons of food around me lol, MA LIFE AFTER SCHOOL.
Right now I am watching Gilmore Girls and I am hoping to finish all the season and MAN it takes hella time to finish this show.But after I was also planning to watch the gilmore girls 2 but I have so many shows on my list right now that I cannot wait to watch.VAMPIRE DIARIES, TEEN WOLF, THE ORIGINALS, RIVERDALE, THE HUNDRED, STRANGER THINGS, SCREAM QUEENS, THE FOSTERS, GREYS ANATOMY, GOTHAM, SHADOW HUNTERS.

I don’t really know how I am going to go through my list and complete all of them but I just cannot afford to waste my time on shows. GRADE 11 sucks 🙂 I’ve got assignments and work to do but I think I can manage my time and have my own relaxing period. 

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