Day 359 – French work, considering moving and Star Wars

Monday, February 20th 2017

Today was eventful.

I woke up and after quite a while of watching YouTube videos, I did 3+ hours straight of French work. I did some French grammar homework and took it pretty seriously, since I couldn’t understand a lot of the terms used, and being at university level, I should know them, so I studied them hard, then read and took notes/answered questions on the French book we’re reading. I basically had to cram five days of the book into that amount of time, which did help me remember more about it in the long run, but I’m not doing that again either way.

But during that time, sometime at 2:40 before I started studying a bit more at 3:30ish, my mom mentioned about finding a townhouse and really wanting us to see it before we went out to eat. She and my dad fell in love with it and are seriously considering us moving there in perhaps 1.5-2 years, once it’s finished being built. My heart sank as soon as she said it, because I’ve been where I live ever since I was a around three years old, basically since I could remember. But I decided that even if I refuse to move now, I’m going to end up moving out anyway once I’m older. I decided to look at the positive : I would have two rooms, one would include only a bed and maybe a bookshelf, along with a closet that isn’t in the hallway, and another would be my computer, studio, hangout room and just general workplace. I would also be able to paint a mural with more walls, and I would also have my very own bathroom. Only downside is that I’d be cleaning it, but worth it if it means I don’t have to wait in the mornings to get into our only bathroom.

After some time, we went to check out the house. I felt a little odd about it at first. The kitchen is really nice and much bigger than we have, and because of that I told my mom I’d cook more if we moved there, but I saw the rooms I had and they felt pretty small (and one had a spider, OF COURSE)—they’re both the size I already have. I was a little sad by this, since I was hoping for a bigger room at first, not two rooms, but then my mom expressed she wanted us to stop being in one room all day, so having several rooms would be a little healthier for us. I thought at first about taking down the wall separating it, then thought otherwise, then thought about taking down the closet in one of the rooms, but my mom later convinced me that I could use it for storage like art supplies, instead of having them all over my desk.

We went to check out the more expensive houses, and they’re really beautiful, but again, expensive. Then there was the least expensive out of the expensive group that we considered, however, it ended up being more expensive than we thought and the living room is just not functional. There’s only one place where you can put the TV and the couch doesn’t even face it. You have to turn your head to the right to see the TV. You can’t move the couch either, or it’ll just block the way. We really did not like that part.

So we went to get supper. I ate chicken quesadillas with nachos and fries, then we discussed about the house. We decided that the townhouse seems to be more promising and I said I’d have to go see it again on another day to give a final conclusion.

At home Megg texted me if I used the parser yet, but I explained that I’ve been busy. Then I tried out some of the Star Wars games I got from the Humble Bundle with my dad. The ones I tried out so far are much older games where you’re flying around in an X-Wing most of the time, and shooting things. There’s other games I really want to try which are less flying and shooting. The flying and shooting ones are fun, but I want to try out the ones where you can play as a Jedi.

That’s all for today.

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