The thunder in Texas sounds like multiple bowling balls rolling and crashing down an alley while a noise-rock band made of cats smashes metal pans around a blacksmith’s workshop.

It was raining and thundering so awfully last night.


I had a nap in the afternoon and had a dream that my laptop was showing me an error screen that I didn’t know how to deal with, so I called this dream-friend, who told me to stay as far away from the laptop as possible. He didn’t tell me why, so I was looking up the reason on the internet, and the problem turned out to be that the laptop’s “electrifier/humidifier” was on and was going to basically explode, emitting a very bright light that could potentially kill everyone in the vicinity. Damn. Then I woke up.


Tomorrow there’s school again. Only a three-day week this time, thank God. I have a field trip to the local uni library on Thursday–which is, incidentally enough, the same day my SAT results will be revealed, and a day or two after I know if I got inducted into the NHS or not. Fuck me. I know I did badly, but I still don’t want to look at the god-awful scores and be convinced that I’m even more stupid than I already admit to being.


I’m getting angry again at all of the news. Those anti-abortion, anti-choice, misogynistic laws that might be passed piss me off so fucking much, you have no idea. Why in the bludgering fuck do all these ancient old men CARE SO MUCH about whether women should be able to have abortions or not? Why? Don’t they know that criminalizing abortions doesn’t make people stop needing them–it just makes backyard abortions, dangerous self-done abortions, happen more often? I don’t understand these people.


Anyway, that’s just me being angry. I’m sort of relieved that my six weeks grade isn’t as bad as I thought it was; not that bad. I still have to work hard, of course, but it’s not as awful as I was worried it would be.

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