It ain’t love if it hurts

Starting my journal with a personal story about the past week.

I’m talking with a guy, F, for a while and since a couple of weeks we were flirting too. But last tuesday, he had a date. 

Sounds okay to me, we weren’t dating exclusive but i couldn’t help it to be curious.

Yesterday i asked for a picture of that girl and he sent it. But that girl on the picture wasn’t the girl he dated. He lied to me…

Don’t blame me but i confronted him with those lies… He said it was a joke but i was furious as hell. 

Now, the guy won’t answer my questions anymore… And I really don’t know what to do…


One thought on “It ain’t love if it hurts”

  1. I think you should move on. He doesn’t sound like a good guy if he dates a girl after flirting with you. And the fact that his making a “funny” joke like that is not okay. I say forget about him and move along, there’s better men and they might be by your side, you might not know

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