Yeah, I ditched school today aswell. Mostly because I dont have a single subject I like today, and i ended up being a real lazy person. Idontknow, just got stressed and just wanted a break from school. 

Instead of going to school, I’ve been experimenting with the camera and taking photos and editing them to fit in with my instagram theme. I’m pretty happy with the results. Photoshop, editing and stuff just made photography a whole lot more fun. Deffinetly something I’ll learn more about.

Also I’ve promised myself to NEVER use another picture taken from the internet. I’ll make my own from now on. Unless ofcourse its from an anime or show, or something like that.

Other than that I’ve been exploring new music, like “The Neighbourhood” or “Royal Blood”. Ive also been trying to watch a korean drama called “Goblin” but the stupid internet wont let me. And ofcourse, there were some anime. 

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