Monday February 20th

Today was day 1 of my mid-winter break. I think I did a great job with it. I finally took my leather jacket to get the sleeves hemmed, and I went to the Intrepid museum on Pier 86. I also bought a ticket for The Glass Menagerie tomorrow night starring Miss Sally Field, and a ticket to a Knicks game next Monday. I am spending too much money, but I can’t just sit in my apartment alone all the time. I have a job interview at 10 am in Queens. I don’t know how early I need to get up. I need to leave here by 8:30, I think, since I’m not sure of the trains or where I’m going. 

I am doing this dammed Okcupid dating site. Ugh. Why can’t I just meet someone like in the movies??? In Central Park or at a lovely cafe? Why? Why must I be forced to troll the fucking internet to find a human? I hate it so so much. 

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