Blame Yourself, Not the country, by Dr. Julito Tigley,MD The Author


                                               The author


Dr. Julito Tigley is a graduate of Medicine in SWU, Cebu Philippines. He practiced Medicine conventional and integrative, for 30 years, and had worked in a rural hospital and health center in one of the provinces in the Philippines. He is married and has five children, and most of them are professionals and living abroad. His main concern is the problem of the poor people, who could not maintain life in a divided society, and nevertheless, in their needs they always believed that politics is the only avenue to make life good to live in. In his life as a student and his practice in the rural areas, he helps organized 22 mini organizations, composed of peasants, tenants and poor families. It was at that time he was branded as a leftist and was under surveilance. Cooperative approach to medical problems was the main goal, and that one problem shall be the problem of all.


He used to work with some of the politicians in Cebu, and have him one of the OIC councilor and then elected, at the City of Toledo, before his immigration to Canada. He used to contribute articles in different news magazine about the plight of the needy, but politicians will never heed, because the proposed agenda is not in line with their ideas.


As of this time, he is one of the columnist of the Filipino Canadian newspaper, the Philippine Courier, whose owner Mon Datol, a Filipino is a known journalist and sport broadcaster in the Philippines. He is one of the staunch supporters of North York community Center projects. He became the Vice President for information, and also the former chairman of the board of the Ang Bisaya sa Ontario Organizations.


The main purpose why he made this Novel is to make the readers awakened and remember the ills of dictatorship, the abuse of authority, and the proximity to infidelity among Filipinos, is not farfetched. If a person is in power, the possibility of trampling the law is much closer.


Those who were trained to become protector became predator. And their belief that a person in power has always the access to wealth, is an ideals which is wrongly adhered upon by our brothers in the Philippines.


We only hope that in the years to come, changes for the betterment will be tasted by all Filipinos down to the edges of their table. As a novel, some of the person and places mentioned might only be part of  creative imaginations. He has no intention to hurt people, and it is his desire to ask an apology if similarities may happen to an unknown individual.

Just treat this as a real novel.


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