Blame yourself, Not the country, Forewords





The vision of the writer is to inculcate into the readers, the important event that happened in the Philippines during the dictatorship of Marcos. It is also his desire to let the world know that the culture of the Filipinos is unique, and that it is one of the stumbling factors why their way of life is not fast improving. The culture of corruption was not done by a single family, but by a group of families, became cronies, who secured their power, so that in the event that they will damage the economy, they can still protect themselves by using their clout and wealth.


The factor of political or ideological resistance started way back in the Spanish era, when Andres Bonifacio tried to use force as a means of acquiring independence, but because of their culture of political envy and leadership jealousy, he was even programmed to die by assassination. Rizal’s way of fighting the Spanish leadership by the use of his pen was not discerned by Filipinos but when he was sentence to die it was at that point, that they believe that Rizal has his own way of fighting the regime, and it is not abnormal nowadays. Journalists are abducted and salvage, if you write an opposing item against the government.


The intention of this book is not to twist the actual history of the Philippines. It is not meant to initiate a political struggle, nor advance a certain ideology. But it could be a mirror for someone who wanted to help refining our way of life.   


The synopsis falls on the family who was caught by two ideologies and their blatant witnessing of salvaging and execution were factors that force them to immigrate to another area. And the wicked infidelity which plague in their family when they were away torn them into pieces. Their son who had pursued a desire to become an officer, and was caught by different love affairs, and abduction of their sibling which was in the end give so much problem, were the element of the story that made it very enticing and tractable… 

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