day 20 – good things

hey people. so i used to have some followers but they have dissapeared. u know who u are! I hope ur doing ok. im not asking for u to come back or calling u out i just am a little worried. u left so suddenly. anyways. hope all is well. 

I feel like i should put happier things on here so today i submitted my first application for a job!! im really esxcited and i hope i get it!! the pay is good and i enjoy that kind of work!! a lot!! im am hopeful bc i know some people that work there and i have some good conections. If i get this i wont have to do work on campus and that will be good bc i hate working on campus. 

me and my girlfriend are doing really well lately and that makes me happy too! 

I am going to visit colleges and im excited for that and im going to try to get my lisence too soon! i  really really hope i pass. not bc i want to be able to go places on my own or im sick of my parents or anything. i dont even have a car!! i just hope i get it bc if i dont i will have to wait a long time bfore i will be able to try again to get it bc i live out of state.

I have been working on an essay and i finaly finished it and i cant wait to turn it in! i dont usually feel this way about essays but ive worked really hard on it and its also my first college essay and im really hoping its ok! im excited!!.. 🙂 

my hair is realy soft today too! 🙂 lol i love wen it comes out super soft lol! 

i might be going to my gf house this weekend too! im not sure but i might be! prob not but im hoping i reall wanna go and i really need to get out of this place. i wouldn’t be pushing it so hard if there was someone elses house that i could go to but there isnt!! so yea! and i like being with my gf and i want alone time with her bc we dont get enough of that.

so anyways thats my good news for the day. if i think of more things i will def try to put it up. i am trying to be more positive in general so here the start of it. i hope its good enough. 

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