Day 22 – 30 Days of Discipline

Well I learned two things today….I wore out my walking runners, and I have small ears!  

First my runners.  I always have lots of everything, so I usually don’t wear anything out.  But today I noticed some heel discomfort and when I checked….yup, the back of my runners are worn out.  What do I do now?  Do I throw them out or keep them for “just in case”?  I’ve had them for a long time and walked a lot of miles in them.  Ahhhh, ya I’ll chuck ’em. 

Now, my ears.  Sometimes my earbuds don’t sit in my ears very well. Drives me crazy.  So today I decided to swap out the little ends for the smaller ones and….BAM….they fit better.  What the heck….my ears are a size small!!  So now the cute little saying – “cute as a bug’s ear” kind of applies to me!  I have adorable cute little ears. 


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