Day 360 – Work

Tuesday, February 21st 2017

Today was a lot of work.

In the bus today I noticed what seemed to be someone I used to have a crush on from my church, or at least I think it’s him. He seems to know someone from my school that’s in a year younger than me, and they were at the same stop. He seemed to nod to the girl as if he needed to take the other bus that doesn’t go to my school.

Oh, and I also saw a white and black spotted puppy being carried in someone’s hood; it was cute. I don’t know why I mentioned these things, probably because they’re different from usual.

In English class we did our book discussing for Part II, before finishing the movie and writing our viewer’s reaction.

For art class, we did a background and quickly drew a face with charcoal. I decided to do Percival Graves again, cause I already had the picture of his face. It was good, I think I just made the features a tad too small. His hair is on point though.

At lunch I sat with close friends and the table filled a bit more, because another friend I don’t talk to much joined us, and so did her friends. We talked and I studied for my French quiz. One of them quizzed me out of nowhere and I was capable of answering every one of them, which made me feel more confident.

In French class our teacher was passing out the grammar questions I had to do last Friday, so I’m happy I don’t have to deal with doing those as homework during this time. I then did the quiz and it went pretty well. One question was a meh answer, but I’ll still get at least a 0.5 instead of 0 or 1 point.

I finished the day with psychology and we finished the documentary, then discussed our test Thursday. We also discussed about Game2: Winter. It’s a show, in Russia, where rape and murder is allowed. Not a fictional show, an actual Hunger Games come to life they’re working on. Or I assume they still are. Five countries want it aired on their televisions, I think the U.S is one of them? (I strongly recommend researching yourself, since I’m tired while writing this and might get some facts wrong). And everything is live, so you’d be able to see someone actually get murdered or violated. The goal is to kill the others, survive and you get money. It’s just… Not surprising, but morally wrong. And too far. Shows that a lot of dystopian novels aren’t too far off, huh? Only thing is that the people playing are consenting—not that it makes things any better.

At home I helped out on the server and a player said someone claimed their home. I got the owner on, since I wasn’t sure if they were telling the truth or not. We concluded they were, and that the person who claimed their house will be in trouble. I’m surprised, since they’ve never caused much trouble.

After I ate I did quite a bit of psychology review and worked a bit on Megg’s and my book before playing Jedi Knight, The Old Republic. It’s fun. At first it was overwhelming like when first joining an MMORPG and having to learn a whole bunch of things, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it. Also reminds me a lot of when I was younger, because it’s an older game.

That’s all for today.

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