It costs nothing to be kind

So at the moment there is a girl I work with but she’s driving me to breaking point.  I need to confront her but confrontation is not something I can do without it getting really messy.  So I am going to write down my feelings in this letter to help free myself from some of the anger bubbling up inside of me.


You are selfish and lazy, the way you treat people is disgusting.  The language you use and the way you try to manilpulate people. 

You  constantly put people down and speak down to people.  Why can’t you just be kind? 

Even when I do favours for you, you never show gratitude or say thank you.

Although you owe me money I see you go out and spend tonnes of money on yourself.  It’s immoral that you prioritise yourself over paying me back! 

You always try and fiddle me out of money here and there.  Always trying to have the upper hand criticising things I do, it’s petty there is no need.

I try my best to like you, I listen to you when you need someone to talk to.  You never pull your weight or lend a hand.  

I am at breaking point with your attitude.  After the next couple of working trips, I am done.   Being around you is bad for my mental health, you make my blood boil! 

I understand your depressed but you should not try to bring people down.   I am not going to lose my temper with you, I am simply going to separate myself from you I do not need this negativity in my life. 

I am no longer going to respond to your digs, or get involved with your personal life.  From now on I will treat you as a colleague and nothing more.  I’ve had enough!

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