My Absence.

 Sorry for my absence. I’ve been taking care of Big Bad Ben, buying supplies for him and food and all that. Chismin has helped too, and Ben has been getting very friendly with the both of us. Chismin and I love him and he loves us.

Speaking of friendly, I’ve taken some time to spend more quality time with Chismin. We’ve mostly done the usual. But.. last night, I had a very.. odd dream about Chismin.

Well, it involved him and I. Now, we weren’t getting “intimate” in the dream, however.. we were getting a little more.. friendly than usual?

I don’t want to really… get like that with him. At least, not yet. I didn’t even have the idea to until that dream. I feel like I should talk to him about it, just so we can set boundaries for now that we’re both comfortable with.

That’s… pretty much it for today. Not much else has happened these past few days except for taking care of Ben and Chismin. Not that it’s bad; it’s like a dream.

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