Phillipine courier, Feb. issue 2017

February 2017

People called this month as a “month for lovers”, and with full of enthusiasm almost all places we can see, But for Trump, it is the protections of the majority of the Americans, who are now very much afraid of the sudden inundation of widespread terrorism. are happy looking face, hand in hand, smiling walking along some of City thoroughfare. But for those who have none, single or with a hungry spouse, most of them are in a hurry in going home too. Maybe, their love one might also be waiting for them for the night’s affair. The malls mostly are busy, and those beautiful red ladies who are care takers, may have their chest patches the word, sometimes “I love you”. Yes, it is Valentine’s Day. Jesus was sent into this world, because God the father love us, and who so ever believe in him will have his paradise too.

Trump, the new President of United States of America, was given a chaotic month of welcome. We can see, that people who are loser are still at sore in their heart, and it also shows some fear, especially Women who organized a demonstration against him, believing that he is a racist and a misogynist. Tens of thousand appeared tired and worried, but chanting because most of them bore in their heart the feeling of negativity. But, fortunately, most of the whites, and some intelligent people felt the futuristic anticipations that America has awaken. What is not good are illegal immigrant and the undocumented inhabitants are still in state of confusion, because the homeland Security Agency are looking after them for Protection and security of the states. President Trump is misunderstood on that, because for the affected, they felt oppressed. But for Trump, it is the protections of the majority of the Americans, who are now very much afraid of the sudden inundation of widespread terrorism. Trump will never back out his belief that Terrorism has hard roots among the Muslim, although, their church disagreed it. Basically, Most Muslims does not like Americans, and it boils their blood once they heard them wherever they are. The celebrated Muslims the like of Sadam Hussein, and Khaddaffi, were two leaders that vowed destruction of the country. Khadhafi hijacked jetliners if proven with American Passengers, Sadam also invaded Kuwait, because he believed that Kuwait is an American puppy. The two got a whip by the American in two situations.  The 7 Muslim countries which are blacklisted by Trumps, are in the Legislative Master list of countries that harbor terrorism, and their coming as a refugee, are doubted to be suspicious of exporting it to American soil. Trump, with his promise, on his campaign trail, issued an executive order, that prompted the opposition to organize a demonstration against him. His campaign, which was portrayed by his haters as racist, energize also the women to go down on the street to protest him. But, Trump is a leader that is used to bully and being bullied too. For him, it doesn’t mean anything. So, it is pain in their heart. Now, that most of his Cabinet officials are confirmed, he is now excited to govern the whole country smoothly. For the people, what is important is a satisfactory result. And there is a good sign specially in the sides of economics. Housing business now in Detroit is alive, and my friend in Saginaw said, that Michigan is back to rise again. Car Manufacturing is going back, with Ford, Chrysler-fiat, and GM reinvigorate the environment, after they have promised to President Trump, not to out source their company anymore. America is on the rise now. Canada is hopeful also for that. A healthy USA, is a signal for good life for the Canadians. We hope so. 

The Filipino Community are also busy, some have parties related to Valentine’s Day. Karaoke bars are crowded with lovers or friends, displaying their cacophony of voices. Some are laughable, but their sweeties are very proud to each other. A good attitude for a one heart, one Bed couple. Singles were doubled for one night only. They say one night stand is enough. As usual, 9 months from now, the satisfactory result, will prompt them to make another decision, maybe a wedding or just common laws. Anyway, that is part of life. Some women or men, whose partners are in Philippines, find someone to tickle for that day. They will always cling to the mind, that one night stand is good enough. But just like a Go Train, it might be the start also of a series of entanglement, thinking that it is already a scheduled sport tournament. Okay, If you can’t be good, just be careful.

There are lots of Filipino Basketball tournaments in the GTA and/or Ontario as a whole. In Hamilton, they have their PBA, and in Mississauga, their tournament also is in Kennedy Public School, along Hurontario. TFS, or Toronto Filipino Society, which is housed every Saturday afternoon at Northwood community center. Fil-Act is in Willwood community School, closer to York mill-Leslie area and Filcan is in Seneca. So, the children and their parents are very busy, tailing their kids in every tournament. I don’t have kids anymore, because all of them are mature already, but I like Basketball so, I went with them. It is also very nice talking trash with friends before. It makes life a healthy prolonging one. My sons, Kim and Julius are still playing almost all tournament.  And I am very excited to see them, even if they lose, besides, the intent there is more of camaraderie. I like to watch the tournaments for kids, especially, for below ten years’ basketball tournament. Being a Filipino, our true behaviour can be seen there. Mothers shouted to the coaches, to let their child play, and they felt sad if their child is put in the bench. And when playing, they shout vindictive against the Referees, if they don’t like the call. Some get down from their chairs, and danced just to show that they don’t like the call, and they hate it. Some families are bringing foods, and they stayed in the area until afternoon. In short, they are very happy. I remembered our country when it comes to basketball in every Fiesta. Some kids there became superstars, and beautiful ladies were closed right away to the most valuable player. That is one trophy, that the player became high and proud. And they became the talk of the village right away. And it is it, what makes life the best. Thanks for the Game.

My choice of GYM is the world Gym, it is the favorite past time for my two sons in Kitchener. It is cheaper, and they have good privileges also. Although, I don’t want to do lifting weights, sometimes, I am excited because there are men older than I am that lift heavier weights and it made me envious. I also do thread mills for Cardio protections. One thing bad is that, it increases my appetite, the more I exercise the more my ABS or waistline is increasing. Maybe, because it is thirstier after those perspiring moment. Therefore, boiled fish with some veggies makes my diet full. But I have supplement, vitamins and mineral, and some phytochemicals. It improves my stamina, and resistance too. I could laugh more and clapped more now and it is good signs, for health and vitality. But one grumpy old man who will always exercise at the back of a beautiful lady, kept blinking his eyes, staring at the gorgeous legs, he said, it invites him for one dreamt round. Yes, he is there every day, and it is so much better than going to the Casino. He said, he is already a graduate of Viagra. No more for that.

About our country, it is now home of our corrupt leaders. Jack Lam paid the DOJ for his freedom. Col. Marcos the drug police Coronel, is freed by the President, and Peter Lim is in Digong’s armpit. Gloria macapagal Arroyo, is out free like a bird, and some congressmen are laughing, to have approve a new version of Pork Barrel. The peso is devalued, and prices of prime commodities is sky high. A Porno Actress is one of the commissioner of MTRBC, The Tokhang for Ransom, that killed a South Korean for extortions, and the slow response of the Assistance to the Earthquake in Surigao del Sur. I hope the Philippines will be resuscitated while it is now almost in the coma states. Let us pray for our home country.

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