Nobody’s enthusiastic about anything in my class. It makes me feel bad for looking forward to doing assignments such as building a model for geography class or making a poster for French. I really shouldn’t feel bad for it since enthusiasm is a great thing. If only we hadn’t spoken about mortality and time in English class today. I mean, it didn’t really affect me that much, but it did. I was aware of those two things even before we talked about them, but it was certainly not a great thing to think about since the teacher was talking about it in a depressing manner. I’m not sad. I just feel empty. Like nothing could satisfy me. Really. Not even tons of new makeup, or a very well-done makeup look or getting more recognition on Instagram. Not even having sex for the first time, or getting good marks, or having the greatest dinner ever or a new Adrian Mole book. I just feel tired. I don’t really have any wishes like a boyfriend or a great night out with my friends or clothes shopping or a new hairstyle. Maybe that’s just today.

Our chemistry teacher left to work at another school today. She sort of cried and it was sad to see. She was crying because she felt bonded to our class. I dom’t know why. I didn’t bat an eyelid. I will miss her, at least a little bit. She’s always been so innocent. Sweet, plump, young woman always wearing clothes that made her look older. Never wearing makeup and always having her hair in a bun or something like that. Approachable but slightly strict at times. I hate Chemistry.

We ordered pizza today. Its size was rather small considering that we had ordered a large one. After having pizza, my sister and I sort of went to my room and sat at my desk eating peanuts for a good hour. We were just laughing and talking and constantly using our inside jokes. It was nice.

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