Blame yourself, not the country. Chapter 3

                                           The Agriculture

                                                Chapter 3


In the mountain, the only means you can live your life there is by agriculture. The rain forest around were full of fertile soil, but those thick trees, you have to cut them off first, cleanse it with bare hands.

Naturally, you will have to fight against defensive beast, the like of wild dogs and cats, but the most fearsome, is the Baksan snake, a size almost like the anaconda of the Amazon which thrives also in this place. Not far is the river, and known to have alligators or crocodiles, and once hungry as expected, your cow or carabao would be in danger.


And to scare some frightening animals, he put all cut trees in a spread fashion, make safe for kindling, and once lighted, the smoke that will soak valleys and mountain make a warning sign that the place would soon be inhabited by humans.


It was really tiresome at the very start, and every night, he could feel the myalgia pain all over his body, but the rest was so very pleasurable, and sometimes, night for him doesn’t have any dreams. What is good is Tasyo, did not leave him, and most of the time, he was helped, because he wanted this guy to live a good life in this place, and at the same time imbibed peace with the people.


In his house, before sleeping they always heard radio VERITAS, and that any malevolence, which has national roots, was discussed, and most of the opinion was very critical of the administration. People, who disappeared, were all blame to the military. Student leaders, who were lost, were found lifeless, and women were kept somewhere else because most were raped and killed.


But in the mountain, Tasyo will always tell Genaro, that we have to live here at peace with the environment. Whatever happens to the Central part, he said, it is only there, and they promised not to take part in politics. They felt sometimes good news, like the implementation of the land reform. Their thought of having a land to till was his foremost wish.


In the morning, while Teresa was preparing for food, he found out that their fence has an animal, and then, Genaro call Tasyo immediately, and then they prepare their launch right away, and try to see it. It was a big wild pig, and everybody trapped the pig because they found out the pig is palatable and edible.


In a place like this, with scarce people, infatuations will always thrive. Roving eyes will be misinterpreted as romantic, and the possibility of temptation is very close. Every time, Teresa passed by on Tasyo, Tasyo’s eyes followed her. And this did not escape from the eyes of Teresa too. Tasyo is not handsome but muscular, and at the back, he seems to be a basketball player. Every night Teresa could no longer sleep well, because she has a bewildered feeling and that what troubled her so much is that she is married, and she didn’t want it to be divulged. And what is good also is that Tasyo remains very faithful in helping them, and what bothered her so much is that she felt indebted, and what things could be his award.


They constructed a small nipa hut at their Kaingin area, and sometimes they stayed there overnight, just to scare animals which could damage his newly planted seeds. One night, while Genaro was at the hut, he asked Teresa to go to the house and pick up some foods while they are also picking some weeds that might stunt the growth of his plantations. So, Teresa obeyed and went to the house. While there Tasyo was already preparing for the foods. When Teresa went upstairs, he suddenly holds the hand of Teresa, when Teresa found out that nobody was around she responded Tasyo. And she hugged him too. Tasyo kissed her, and also to the lips. Tasyo slipped his hand to her breast, and Teresa moaned in satisfaction. They stripped naked right away and consummated the affair. Both of them were so very happy.


Back to the Kaingin, he brought the foods, and Genaro was very proud of the food prepared by his cousin. And Teresa said so much admiration to Tasyo. 


And the affair was done very secretly, and whenever Genaro is out of town, Teresa is sleeping with Tasyo, after all the kids were asleep. Sometimes, Teresa went after Tasyo, if he will be the one to go to town. And they will make love, even beneath the mango tree. But they will go home separately on time.


 “Tasyo be careful. Don’t ever say this to anybody. This is only between us”. Advised Teresa.


Life in his new home was full of satisfaction, there was peace. We don’t know if there is looming trouble ahead because this affair is in his vicinity. And to keep it in a hideous manner is so very edgy. But as life needs a friend, probably it doesn’t matter.


And by day time, Genaro will go to the farm very early, tilt their land manually until sundown. He sweated so much, that it tired him during night time. He moaned so noisily

And Teresa could not sleep eventually. She sometimes went to the small Sala, until such time she is asleep. Tasyo when he found out that Genaro is asleep, he will eventually, asked Teresa for a quick sex, and they did it many times.


The plantation of Genaro, was very fruitful, and his root crops after harvesting did have problems of a buyer. One time:


“Tasyo, could we buy some of your harvested yams?” Chinese buyer asked. He said; “the owner of that is my cousin, Genaro”, he called right away. Genaro went down. “Oh, Yeah, but you have to buy in bulk “.


2 years after, Teresa bore another child, and at this time, the resemblance was almost like Tasyo, maybe by reason of Genaro’s consanguinity, people always relate it as cousin like.


Genaro has money now and he moved to his new house. He bought a Carabao to help him on his farm. And he became so very hard-working, but he multiplied his produced also, then he was known to the community.


Any roving town agriculturist sometimes passed their time in his home, just to chat about various topics related to agriculture. Miracle rice which was the cream of those days boasted that it will multiply as many the harvest. “Sir, just help us in the first plantation, and also how to care for it, and whenever the harvest is good, then the people here will also follow me.”   “Don’t worry, Genaro; we will be with you always. Try also the so-called Diversionary plantation that is planting with other plants in every kind of a season.” The agriculturist told him.


They took part in some of the agricultures project. Like hog dispersal where hogs were distributed to all in the village. Cow dispersal also where cow where turned it to the other family until such time the cow give births.


They were member of the cooperative organized by the government.

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