Day 361 – Vague thing and Game2: Winter

Wednesday, February 22nd 2017

Today was… something? Not sure what to say about this one.

I started off with psychology and we studied our anthropology unit for tomorrow’s test.

I then had French. I worked on the book, finished the work handed out to us and then I went to lunch.

It was a good lunch, and I managed to turn in my classes, but a friend of mine told me something troubling. I’m gonna be vague to keep this identity hidden, and it’s mostly gonna be for myself, since I know I’ll remember despite it being vague. Anyway, they’re doing something, and I had glimpses of it and I told them I didn’t like it, but it’s much more concerning. Luckily they said they’re doing less, and I recommend help for them, as well as listened to the problems they’re facing. It seemed to help them a lot and I hope they can stop the thing they’re doing, then get out of the trouble they’re in. I’ll pray for them.

Anyway, I was a bit sad for the remainder of the day, but I knew I had to be strong, and that we’d get through it anyway, so I had art class and it didn’t really go anywhere, then I finished the day with English. We read our book, discussed the dystopian movie we watched as well as propaganda, then talked about a project. One is choosing 8-10 songs and explain how they correlate to the book, or make a board game that also correlates to the book. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do yet. The board game sounds more fun, and I have an idea for it, but I’ll have to brainstorm some more.

When I got home I moderated the server, ate, then went to study some psychology for one to two hours. I still need to study, but I’m tired so I can’t contain any more information. Kohai also expressed her friendship to me and I did with her, so that was really nice. She made me cry haha.

I discussed about Game 2: Winter with a friend. Apparently, crime is not technically allowed, since if there’s any evidence of a committed crime, the player will be arrested, which is kind of like any criminal really, just even harder for them, because of all the cameras (good). Players also have a panic button they can press to leave the forest by helicopter, and the goal is to just survival nine months. However, they say “the winner”, and not “the winners”, which is a little concerning. But, something I spotted : the release is on April 1st 2018. April fools joke? Possibly.

That’s all for today.


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