So down, stressed, depressed, angry, etc. Im to point off having an anxiety attack and nothing i can do to stop it. I’m at work on the verge of tears…my dad not any better…not worse either so that’s good, IRS took my taxes so I’m screwed money wise, just don’t know what to do anymore about anything! Don’t get paid till next week so unable go see my dad and feel like a failure as a daughter, sister, and wife. Going go home and cry after work…not much else can do…

2 thoughts on “Life”

  1. Life is all but a lesson, all these experiences are sent to test us and you become the person you are from all the things that stretch you emotionally and mentally. Just remind yourself of this and keep positive. Ride the wave and it will eventually pass. And I hope your dad gets better

  2. Not sure how many more waves i can ride without drowning. Literally feel like I’m almost to that place of no return and i cant stop it. Thank u for the advice tho

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