My Wednesday journal

Finally got a sunny morning! It felt great to skate to work in the morning. Really enjoyed the ride although I got sweaty when I got to the office. I had one of those typical days today that I didn’t really expect to be busy but ended up getting pretty busy by all those projects to revise and the meeting. Good thing is I’m getting my work done and learning something new everyday. Well, it will be nice if I can learn something that I really want to learn tho. Work till around 6:30 PM then skate back to home. Got little chilly later today but totally okay to skate back home with a short sleeve t-shirt. Drove to Dosung’s place to pick him up for a dinner. We tried a new Korean BBQ place on Western called Mong. Pretty good for the price. Paid $12 for person for all you can eat with a bottle of soju and beer. We didn’t eat much compare to usual but feel still pretty full now. Just got back to home and took a shower. 9:59 PM right now. I think I still have some time to dig in email issue on This issue is driving me crazy for past couple days. I don’t know why it’s so hard to fix or find a right answer to solve the issue from online. Time to put my laundry to the dryer and starting digging into the issue. Don’t really expect to get this solved tonight but I’m gonna try anyways.

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