Traveling Gypsy’s

There comes a time when something gets set into motion. However, there also comes a time where one meaning means many multitudes of meanings. 
The year I met you, I was battling many at the time lets call them “disaster’s” shall we, so what I thought would only last a year tops has actually made it towards the 10 year mark.  
The day it became official that you were now military and off to another kind of adventure needed for; let’s call this one “our future paths” and it had well surpassed that 1 year of constant adapting and adjusting helping and taking. There has always been one thing that will remind us why and how we’ve managed to get this far. Our strengths are our biggest downfalls in this rage we battle for fear that the other could use that weakness to their advantage. 
So the term traveling gypsy’s never opened the wonder that had awaited the author for the one writing this to you today. Forgetting that sometimes those wonders will freeze in time and that it’s perfectly acceptable, just won’t break those chains for that reason right there. 

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