What happened to the love

why do we think that they love we deserve is the one where it’s okay for our significant other to treat us the way they want to.We don’t deserve that.What happened to the old school love where guys were nervous to ask a girl on a date where they dated them to spend the rest of their life with them.What happened to the romance?

Where did the love go?

Why can’t i have it?



One thought on “What happened to the love”

  1. I agree with you. I think overtime, people have come to think that love meant giving a girl whatever she wants. And if you couldn’t? You weren’t good enough. But that is not the case, love is the strong feeling towards someone you have. The tingling in the pit of your stomach when you ask them out for the first time. The rising heat in your face when they say yes. And the simple satisfaction of knowing they’re yours. Love does not need all the expensive things, it’s between two people not two people and some million dollar objects. It’s getting to wake up next to them, and making a life together. Through sickness and health just like the vows say. We have forgotten overtime that we are supposed to take our loved ones in, without worry or care, at our rich and poor times. So thank you for this journal entry, it really made me think.

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