Blame yourself, not the country, Chapter 6

                           The great turmoil

                                 Chapter 6



Life after the death of Senator Aquino was no longer easy. There was a sudden drop of the economy. Unemployment rate is increasing, jobless are all over? The fear against the government made life so hard, and nobody would stay late at night time, especially to people who have criminal records. Agent of the government presumed themselves as judge, and justice is already off balance. And the governments who sold food products through the NFA at reachable prices ended mostly to the Chinese, and resold it back to the people at strangulating level. Malnutrition, mortality, and morbidity rate rose at meteoric level. Medicines were no longer available. Most of the community hospitals were converted into an automatic morgue, or a medical carrier for referral.


Rumors in the side walks headlined the name of Gen. Fabian Ver, and Imelda as the alleged mastermind of Ninoy’s killing. And Marcos is already dead, but that they were just hiding him in basement of Malakanyang. One administration officials said; “where did they get that news? Maybe some were just speculating to create chaos, confusion on the masses”.


But Genaro, whose families are still hooked up by idealism in his hometown, has an inkling of reviving his old inclinations, because he wanted also to be part of the struggle of a change. The chairman of the village made some secret communication individually, to have a meeting at the next midnight. Tasyo, nominated him to represent their family.

“Genaro, you are good in this, chairman Pio will have a meeting in his home, could you be one of the men there?” Since he was used to that, he did not refused. “Okay, Ill go there”. That was his answer.


In the evening, after all the pets are in the barns, by trickle they went to the house of Chairman Pio. And they found out that the place was so silent, and not even a shadow you could discern moving. But later, an old woman open the door and told Genaro and Teresa to get inside. But at the center of the house, a room was built as a meeting place. There were fifteen people, and one of them was the chairman. After the acquaintance, Mang Pio, as fondly called, stood up and start the discussion by a prayer. Then he proceeded, “I called you for a certain reason. We are not here to be an anti government; we are here to unite ourselves to stand up against any form that will defeat our freedom and independence. Whatever happened to Luzon, will happen also in the Vismin region, and we have to abide by that”.  And in silence, nobody interjected. Later, Genaro stood up, and said, “I immigrated here because our place was saturated with people, who are leftist and rightist, and if these groups will feed wrong impressions to the outside, we will be tagged with different colors. I hope no one among us who has a snake mentality”.


In Manila, the so called Rolex 12 formed by Marcos, was now in jeopardy, and there was confusion and suspicions, because some are also ambitious to replace the Dictator in time of death. And one of the triggering factors was the killing of Ninoy Aquino, of whose majority believed it was done in a very amateur manner.


Population from all walks of life, who could not bear the effect of Ninoy’s death, went to Mendiola Bridge in demonstrations of their sarcasm against the regime. Youth whose fervor were still very hot, never mind about shots in the air by the PSG, or those special forces created just to protect the first couple. Screams and shout and any form of noise made the area like a political festival, and they never care anymore what will happen next.


And to those who are living in the province, the commotion in Manila had also a greater impact. Many were even on panic buying, because in the event of an all out civil war, they will have something to consume while they will be away from store or hiding.


Genaro, although anxious still managed to continue his farm, after all as far as he is concerned, he is self sufficient. He goes to town only to buy sardines, oil or sometimes cereals.   And most of the time, it is Teresa with kids or not.


For purposes of safety, Teresa also went to town to buy products in the market. Tasyo was ahead of her, but at this time, he had already billeted in a small motel, because he came in there very early in the morning. Both operates in a very clandestine process, and just a matter of a few hours, Teresa is already there knocking the door. The motel boys there had already known that they were lovers, and nobody cares anymore. When, Tasyo opened it, like a hungry crabs, they hugged its other right away, kissing from corner to the other, until such time they were both naked. They copulated so many times, after all, the safety was all for them.


After dinner, they left separately, and tasyo went home early, and Teresa went to the market for her mission.


But, however, they never know, that one of the boys in the motel was newly hired, and a son of one of their neighbor in the village. He was an elementary classmate of Efren, the son of Teresa. His name was Andro.


On weekends, he used to go home, and play basketball along the church plaza. Efren is also an avid player of the game, and that is why they know each other as a friend.


“Fren, did you go to the town last Tuesday, your mother was there?” He asked. Then he proceeded by saying,” I am working in the motel in town and I saw your mother and Tasyo in one of the room.” Efren could not stand the news; he blushed in disbelief, because Tasyo is his father’s cousin, and they respected him like his father. But he remembered the shadow a distant away from the river, and confirmed now that the two were kissing. His last thought is that, this is a big mistake, and a big slap to his father. He went home full of puzzle that once it will explode it will be a family crisis.


He was sitting in the stair, with eyes pointing to the rainbow curving like an arc in the beautiful mountainside. His rumbling brain had so many thoughts and suicidal was one of them. He is already graduating in high school, and his hope in college is getting smaller.


But one question unanswered yet, was this; would he ever confront Tasyo, or his mother? He could not digest the feeling that his mom has an affair with his uncle. One decision he reached is to see Tasyo. He was already bringing hatchet tucked at his waist, for in case the discussion will be hotter. And reached the point of a fight he is prepared. He was already walking, and before he could reach the house of Tasyo, he dropped by at the church. Inside, he knelt down, and while he was praying a ray of light originating from the eye of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, penetrated his mind gave him some form of a twisting miracle, revising his plan to return home.


So he went home and returned the weapon. And without thoughts to come back, he saw Tasyo, just walking by. Without hesitation, he asked him, “Tiyoy, I heard about that you have an affair with my mother? Please, if this is true, kindly stop it.” And Tasyo never replied, just walked and dodged away.


When his mother was alone, he talked also about what he heard, “Mom, somebody saw you in the motel in town with Tiyoy, Please, mom, stopped it, we don’t want you to be in chaos, so are we.” Her mom was caught in surprise, as if a ton of stone was swallowed, and could not say any word.  His mom dashed to the kitchen, and cried.” Please, Efren, don’t ever talk about that to your father. Sure, we have lots of trouble for that”. “Mom, please, don’t ever do it again “. He pleaded.


Soon, after two weeks, Efren on his observation, found out, Mom is always in the house, and Tasyo, is also no longer visiting them. With no malice, Genaro, called Tasyo to come over. “ Syo, I felt that you are changing now. I did not see you anymore for so long.”, But Tasyo, also replied, “ah! I am just too busy listening to the radio about news from Manila.” Syo, Efren told me that after graduation, he will go to Manila, to see his maninoy. He was promised to enroll him in one of the university there. Maybe, it will take time now to see him again”.


It was an interment time for Ninoy, and the country mourned and very thrilled about the gloom for next few days. In the history of the nation, his funeral entourage numerically, was estimated in millions, from clergy to military in civilian’s clothes. To ordinary men and politicians, or poor to the riches were there, and most with handkerchief soaked with tears. The oppositions were now solidly strong, and journalists were now bold as critics to the despot. They might have killed the body, but the soul of Ninoy, electrified the country into a strong opponent to the regime.


Efren received a letter from his Godfather, and was told to come to Manila, so that he can work momentarily in the store before enrollment come. He was so very happy, and his ambition to become an agent of the law, or military will now be realized.  At home, Genaro prepared foods and invited friends in the village, for the Goodbye party. It was party full of joy, and Clara, his classmate, who has some eye on him cried desperately, because she knew that after leaving, it will take time to comeback, and besides, there are lots of girl in manila.



In the evening, of the 4th week of august 1983, he was already in the boat at Davao’s pier. When he found a private time with his mother, he reminded again not to see and not to meet Tasyo, his uncle. And his mother promised heartily. Sentiments and feeling of anxiety prevailed on the occasions. Later on, after all visitors were told to leave, a few minutes later, the ferry boat was already sailing straight to Manila. 


Teresa and Genaro went home to the village, and continued his struggle for life there. It was okay at the very start, and Teresa abided her promise. But at this time, Tasyo, sensing that Efren is no longer in the family, his advancing became so bold. And one instance, when Teresa was at home he forced himself to enter the house, and Teresa who doesn’t want anymore to continue their affair, defended herself, but it was of no avail against a muscular Tasyo. “Please, Syo, I am married and I think it was enough already”. Tasyo, hold her neck and said “take down right away; I miss you so very badly, please”. After a certain antagonistic commotion, she was prevailed, and the coitus succeeded.


Teresa who was now distraught for not upholding her promise to her son became suicidal. At this time, she had always a dagger tucked at her waistline. She wanted not be alone always. Tasyo became so desperate, and he had now an option to kill his cousin just to win the love of Teresa. He was just waiting for the right time.  


The village fiesta was coming so near, and temporary store were already built in the church backyard. It was already 1985 and they never heard single news from Efren, and for the parents, they just forget for a while. 

Ninoy, their youngest son, was playing in their backyard, and they trusted it because it was always his routine in every morning. When foods were already ready, Genaro called him, but nobody came in. Teresa checked out in the backyard, and found out that Ninoy their son were not there anymore. So the went all over the neighborhood, but all just gave speculations. Some said; the “enkantos” (enchanted men) hid him. And one said a group of men cradled him to the bushes. They reported to the town police and it was only blottered. And no one made a follow up. Tasyo was crying because he had some feeling that Ninoy was his son. His cry is worst than anybody. Genaro was just praying hard for his comeback.


One night Teresa after taking a bath, she was preparing foods in the kitchen, and suddenly Tasyo came over, and without second thought embraced and hugged so hard Teresa. When Teresa found out that it was Tasyo, she defended herself, and run towards their room, and picked up the dagger. But Tasyo did not believe that Teresa could afford to stab him, he pursued Teresa, but just a second, the dagger plunged into his abdomen, he pulled right away and plunged it back to Teresa. Both of them were bloody already until such time, Genaro arrived. He saw both of them sprawling in the floor, with eyes widely open, but not moving anymore. He run at the outside and shouts for help. People came over, and walked up to the kitchen area. The two lifeless bodies are still warm. Chairman Pio came over, made his own evaluation, and let one village police to go to the town, just to report the incidence. 



When the police and the medico legal officer arrived, they gave them their way. First, they inspected the pocket of Tasyo, and they found out a note “If Ill die, tell the world that Ninoy is my son”. After finishing a couple of questions, an autopsy was done. The whole village was depressed and distress because the family was known to be so close to each other. Infidelity was the rumor of the day.


The remains were buried by the people, and everybody was so silent until they finished everything. Tasyo and Teresa died in very unworthy happenings.


The news reached to Efren, and he regretted very much. And it was a tragic moment, a test of his life away from home.     








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