Day 362 – Tired, work and Old Republic

Thursday, February 23rd 2017

Just been so exhausted lately. Gonna sleep early tonight.

I started off with French and we continued reading our book and corrected some work. I talked to Kohai a bit about psychology, since I had it next class. I did the test in a text opinion format, because the question was asking what’s anthropology, is it important and does it help us understand others. I did give solid facts, I just don’t think I demonstrated them properly. Hopefully I did well.

At lunch I sat with one of my close friends and Kohai. We talked about school next semester and then I tried telling Kohai that she’ll do well on her test. I went to English class and we continued reading, then discussed about our project. I decided to make a board game. It’s sort of gonna be Town of Salem, but instead of just mafia trying to kill everyone, it’s trying to race the others to the end and survive. Everyone will have different roles with different perks, and there’ll be squares that make you either pick from one pile or another. I’ll have to refine everything to make sure it works. It’ll be fun.

I finished the day with art and we continued painting faces. I was tired, and not really in the mood to paint, so I did barely any work. I added a tiny bit of bad shadowing, which is about it. Megg then texted me expressing a problem, which we quickly resolved, so glad it was. He asked about talking with me later today, but I’m way too tired, and I’ll just go to bed early.

At home I just played Knights of The Old Republic a lot. I guess I’m gonna head for the light side. Didn’t know that was a thing you could do until I remembered that I should level up my perks and saw the meter. I was just acting kindly to any character already and feeling bad for stealing from that one alien once. I still do, haha, even though it didn’t effect the game in any way. Sometimes video game characters come off as real people to me. The aliens on the planet I’m in (one thing I realized, is that they call them aliens, even though I don’t think that’s something people in the Star Wars universe call them in the movies; shouldn’t it just be the name of the species, and not a general group that aren’t human called aliens, because it’s not like the other species came after the humans in that universe, at least, I don’t think so, so they’re not foreign) are discriminated against, so I just wanted to help them.

I’m gonna go to bed now.

That’s all for today.

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