From hell raiser to holy roller.

I want to disclaimer the following: I have no problem with someone being a Christian. Long as you don’t try to recruit me against my will we are cool. I’m down for discussions about God. Long as you don’t get offensive or offended we can talk about God all you want.


My biggest pet peeve -though- is someone who changes their whole personality once they become “Christian”. I’m all about bettering yourself. Don’t get me wrong- making better choices for a happier, healthier life is always a good thing. But when becoming a Christian means that your 2 year old son can no longer play with shopkins toys because they are “girl toys” but your daughter is playing with them right in front of him…. that’s fucked up. 

If your child turns out to be gay he’s gonna be gay regardless of the toys he played with when he was 2…. 

and when you no longer listen to regular music (not rap or vulgar music- but non-Christian singer/songwriter stuff) when you used to be the queen of Drake and hardcore stuff I never even listened to…. like give me a fucking break.



There’s being Christian then there’s being a judgemental piece of shit cunt annoying asshole with a God chip on your shoulder. 


Like, get over it already. 

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