Just another cliche one sided thing

So I like this guy, and for the safety of him, we’ll use the name Cole.

I really like Cole, I have since the day I met him. He knows how to treat a girl, and he keeps his word. He’s an all around country boy which makes it even better because, well, that’s what I like. He never fails to keep promises, and family along with friends means more to him than money does. He’s the type of guy that you know is going to be a great dad when their older, the kind that is teaching their son how to play football, or learning how to french braid so he can make his daughter happy. He’s the kind of guy that is going to settle with one girl, get married, and start a life. In a sense you could almost call him the perfect guy.

Anyways, I went to church with him. I do every week. Since his girlfriend left early, we decided to sit by each other. Now our church is really laid back and it’s like a church based off of teens interests. But we were sitting by each other…..talking, giggling, and nudging each other back and forth. It felt like I was so lost in that moment, until I remembered that we’re “brother” and “sister” Little did he know the way I felt. So naturally somebody saw us acting like this, my best friend actually, and she leaned over to say something. There was inaudible whispering in his ear and sideways glances towards me. When they stopped the whispering she leaned over to me.

“Hey you should date cole” she whispered.

I replied slowly as not to give information away “Why?”

“Because you already act like a couple”

“But we’re ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ plus he has a girlfriend”

After that someone came by to tell us to be quiet but I couldn’t stop thinking. Someone thinks we’re cute together, was just replaying over and over in my mind. After church me and him walked to Mcalister’s to get something to eat. We were waiting outside for my parents to pick me up for at least thirty minutes. Oh look, here comes another cliche part. I had forgot my jacket, and it was chilly outside….no he didn’t give me his hoodie, but he hugged me until my parents got there. When they did I was kind of sad because I liked the feel of his arms around me. I liked the security they made me feel.

I almost forgot about this, he stands up for me too. A couple weeks ago at church, I got hit by a guy. So Cole hit this guy back and told him to NEVER lay his hands on me again. And that he shouldn’t hit women in the first place. Then later that night I went through a break up type thing, and I couldn’t stop bawling my eyes out. Cole hugged me until I stopped, not caring if I ruined his shirt, or how long I took. (approximately one hour) He told me he was leaving soon about two hours before church started, and I told him to come say goodbye before he left. Right before service started I started looking for him and realized he had already left. I started crying again.

Fast Forward to the end of church.

I went outside to look for my parents and someone came up behind me covering my eyes. I didn’t know who it was so I turned around scared as I’ll get out. I opened my eyes and Cole was there smiling. I hugged him and started crying again, him comforting me for the second time around. Once all my tears had made his clothes soaked at the shoulder he stood me up straight and looked at me

“I told you I would say goodbye, and I forgot to. So I waited the two hours at Mcalister’s so I could come back and tell you goodbye” He smiled again and I felt so overwhelmed with these new feelings for him it almost made me dizzy. I hugged him tighter, actually smiling this time, loving him more than ever.

So that’s my Cliche one sided feelings thing, I hope you liked it.

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