Sleep Paralysis

A fairly normal day today. Nothing went wrong at work so I suppose I should spend the rest of this post explaining my resolutions for this year.

Number one was to make an effort with my closest 4 friends in trying to get us all together more often. So far it seems to be working, I’ve organised 2 outings in the last 2 months, both have been a really good day out. Im happy to take it on myself to be the one to organise these guys. I don’t know why I chose this as a new years resolution it just seemed the right thing to do this year. Were all nearly 30 and getting on with our lives, building separate lives, and I felt i needed to make the effort to bring us back together a little.

My second resolution is to do more creative things. I have a university degree in media, so have always had a passion for video and photography, but this passion was easily destroyed when i got myself a corporate photography job and over 2-3 years of photographing to set guidelines it killed my interest in the field. However since working for myself i’ve had to rejoin social media making pages for my business etc and I’ve slowly found my passion for video again. Ive made 4 20 minute vlogging type videos in the last 2 months and I’m still going strong. I force myself to make time for these projects, a little creativity never hurt anyone.

Expanding on my creativity and trying to push into doing and producing things I will enjoy, my next video project is an hour long Skype interview which i will record for editing. Ive proposed a 4 way conversation/interview with 3 of my friends, all with different world views, beliefs and outlooks. It will be a good little project to focus on over the next few weeks but also i want to test the water to see if its a platform feasible for me to produce more videos in this way.

I listen to The Moore Show most nights which is the UK’s only alternative radio show mainly focussing on consciousness. I believe this is what has spurred me on to try this project out.

If the interview works out well i’ll post the link on here if anyone is interested.

I have a massive interest in consciousness, ever since i had a sleep paralysis episode a couple of years ago it became intriguing. I thought I had gone insane until i spoke to my dad about it who turns out suffers with sleep paralysis regularly. He explained what it was and from then i researched it. 

Last year I discovered that I could naturally induce the feeling when going to sleep lying on my back and meditating. The one issue is I have a lot of fear related to the experience so I get 70% into inducing it and the fear kicks in and my brain tells my body to stop what it is doing.  I am still yet to get past this stage. I have struggled recently as it has been a while since i took some time out in the morning to meditate I don’t think my mind is as clear as it was a year ago, its almost foggy. If anyone has any advise for this i would greatly appreciate it.

Once I’ve got past the stage of fear I feel its going to get interesting as just before my body kicks me out of the trance my whole body is numb and i feel like I’m floating, its quite eutrophic but scary at the same time and it seems to be coupled with vivid vision even though my eyes are closed.

Im sure i will expand on this topic once I’ve gotten further in the process of inducing the experience, it all takes time…

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