Summer tan!

I just got back from a really nice trip! My parents and I went to this amazing place we used to go when I was younger. A quiet place in front of the beach. A beautiful beach! We hadn’t been there since 2010. That year I finished high school and things got pretty messy. Almost didn’t have time to do anything. College, internships, church, it all happened so fast that I got busy and couldn’t go back to that place I love so much. Until now. It was an awesome week with my parents, my sister, my uncles and aunts, my grandparents. We hadn’t spent time like that together in years. Everybody was busy with their jobs, routines, children, bills to pay, but this year we got together. I missed that. And I had the perfect week, seriously. I went to the beach every day and stayed there the entire day, had fun, went to new places, had enough time to relax. Had a date with this girl too, but nothing serious. It was just great! Got my summer tan too, haha! I already said that I really like swimming. I’m like a fish out of water. I could spend the entire day swimming and I wouldn’t mind. That’s basically what I did when I was there. We got home on Sunday afternoon.

My classes at college had already started a week before, but many people didn’t go because of the strike. I went to class on Wednesday and it was really nice to see everybody again. They were all asking about my vacation because they saw I was tan and because of my pictures on Facebook. I’m kinda worried about college because I know this semester will be one of the hardest. There’s only one more year left until graduation and people say things will become even tougher than they already were. Scary!

But now I just wanna enjoy my holiday. There’s a holiday we celebrate here in my country this time of year. Five days of holiday and it begins tomorrow. Can’t wait! I’m already packing my things because I’m going on a trip with my church. We’re coming back next Wednesday morning and I’m really excited about this trip. We’re going to a nice place, we’ll play, go to the pool, have a good time. Really looking forward to it! Hope you all have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Summer tan!”

  1. We just need to focus and study hard, halaskyblue. College is something hard, but if we give our best, we’ll get through this. I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy this time in your life. =D

  2. Cameron…Don’t worry, man! Time flies. You’ll be in college soon. Do what you like, ok? Don’t choose your college based on what people think you should do. You should do what you like to do, what you’re good at, what makes you happy. In the meantime, enjoy high school. Those will be the best years of your life. I don’t surf, but I’d really like to learn. Just got back from my trip and had a great time. I said before I had got my summer tan, right? Well, now I’m practically black, hahaha! Maybe I’ll be white again in, like, 6 months. Lol! Take care, dude! =D

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